Undergraduate research project funds are almost gone

Senders Name: Julie Bachman
Title/Position: Grants Compliance Managre
Organization: Office for Research Oureach & Compliance
Email Address: rschrpts@isu.edu
Message Expires: 10/01/2019
Reply To Email Address: rschrpts@isu.edu

Message Title: Undergraduate research project funds are almost gone

Undergraduate Research Project Funds Availability

The Undergraduate Research Project funds are going fast.  If we approve the applications we have received, we can only fund a few more projects.

If you have a project for this fall semester, you may want to submit the application as soon as possible.

Applications for the spring semester Undergraduate Research projects will not be accepted until December or January.  Spring project funding is very limited.

If you have any questions please contact Julie Bachman at rschrpts@isu.edu

Applications for the projects and other funding can be found on the Office for Research Outreach & Compliance web page for Undergraduate research.   https://www.isu.edu/research/research-support/research-outreach-and-compliance/undergraduate-research/

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