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Access to FS Tools is now restricted. For Accounting
Lookup information, contact Finance and Administration
at x.3009 or x.4207. For Human Resources/Payroll
Information, contact the Payroll department at x.3010.

Welcome to Faculty/Staff Tools

Faculty/Staff Tools is your personalized view of ISU Administrative Tools. Many Idaho State University web applications and online services have been integrated into one convenient location. Personal information such as Bengal Card, Computer Account and Human Resources/Payroll information are available in addition to a personalized list of application tools for assisting you with Student Advising, Class Lists, Grade Input, Purchasing Services, etc. If you are admitted as an ISU student you will also have access to many of your MyISU applications such as Academic Registration.

To login, enter your User Name, which is your ISU computer account username. Your Password is the same as your Email password.

The old Accounting Lookup program is obsolete and is no longer available.

Instead, please use the Accounting Information System link.
That link is on the Financial Services Sub-Menu, located in the My Tools section within FSTools.
The Account Director for the specific account can give you appropriate access by using the
'Manage Permission...' links, also on the Financial Services Sub-Menu within FSTools.

Contact Financial Services for further assistance.

Please direct any comments to Faculty/Staff Tools Feedback
For a list of potential services click Faculty/Staff Tools Available Services
For assistance contact the ISU Help Desk at (208)282-HELP or via Email
For a shortcut to this application, bookmark this URL: My.ISU.edu/FSTools
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